Individual Lives Matter

Individual lives matter. All individual lives. (I’m not convinced collective “lives” have any reality.)

But some people choose to throw their life away by making self-defense against them necessary– resulting in the loss of their life. If you force someone to kill you in defense you seem to be saying your life doesn’t matter to you.

How can you force someone to defend themselves from you? By archating.

Violating life, liberty, or property is how you demonstrate that your life doesn’t really matter to you.

In that case, even though your life might matter to your victim, you have forced them to choose between your life and theirs, and I hope they choose their own life every time in that case. After all, you’ve already told them what your life is worth to you.

It doesn’t matter if you are a rapist committing a sexual attack, a mugger stealing a wallet at gunpoint, or a cop committing an act of legislation enforcement. Archating is as good as admitting your life doesn’t matter to you. If it doesn’t matter to you, why should it matter to your victim? And even if it does matter to your victim, why should they sacrifice the life they value for the one you apparently don’t? I don’t think they should.

Individual lives matter. Act like you believe it.

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