Freedom–I Won’t

There are some things I simply won’t voluntarily do.

I won’t participate in Nazi/socialist rituals, even if everyone around me gets bent out of shape by my refusal. Nor will I sing or “honor” national anthems.

I won’t socialize with cops. Not anymore. Nor will I pretend they can be “good” people, even if they are nice.

I don’t demand everyone else stop doing what I won’t do. Even if people demand I join them in doing those things I refuse to do.

Beyond that, I won’t pretend “laws” are legitimate, that “taxation” is anything other than theft, that government employees are anything other than bullies, or that “public schools” (kinderprisons) are about education.

You aren’t required to think the same, nor will you earn a Browncoat badge by thinking the same way I do.

These things are just me.

(The title comes from this story, which you probably already knew.)

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