The Economics of Law, Order, and Action

My book The Economics of Law, Order, and Action: The Logic of Public Goods is now available for purchase. Its primary purpose is to provide a comprehensive challenge to the standard position of the economic and political mainstream, according to which efficient production of so-called public goods, including law and defense, requires the use of territorial monopolies of coercive force.

In other words, in an attempt to draw on the interdisciplinary spirit of classical political economy, it aims at providing a wide-ranging economic and ethical case for extending the applicability of voluntary, entrepreneurial cooperation to the realm of creating and sustaining legal and protective services together with attendant institutional frameworks.

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“You are what you value. I value: individual liberty, economic common sense, logical rigour, clarity of thought, intellectual integrity and quiet charity.”

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H. Rearden
H. Rearden
5 years ago

Why should I or anyone pay $140 for your book when if they are interested in that subject they can buy perhaps 2 or more books written by Austrian economists about that same subject for less money? Have you heard of Rothbard?
Who is the audience your book is aimed at? Seriously why is your book worth $140?