Can we #DrainTheTSA? I write in response to an article about a $100 million cocaine ring, which included at least two TSA agents.

Now, as a libertarian, I do believe cocaine should be legal; it should be transported as cargo, just the same as many other products. There would then be no payoff for corrupt TSA agents, baggage handlers, customs inspectors, border guards, police, judges, DEA agents, and so forth.

These folks would then have more time and resources to focus on the matter of actually protecting the public from crimes which are malum in se – actions which are bad in and of themselves, to such a degree that your random jury of twelve would unanimously believe such actions to be bad, statute or no statute.

Meanwhile, given that the TSA fails at its intended job – stopping explosives from getting on planes – maybe we should just #DrainTheTSA as part of the pursuit to a smaller, leaner, less burdensome government. The agency has caught exactly zero terrorists, but has slowed down travel for millions of ordinary, peaceful people, all the while running little side businesses like this cocaine ring.

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