Betraying the Future in the Name of Pragmatism

The future. Most people want to leave a better future for their descendants, and do certain things they believe will help. Unfortunately, most of them do foolish things without thinking of the long-term consequences.

These people seek impulsive “solutions” which depend on aggression and property violation.

Even if you manage to solve some current problem using archation—especially archation by government–you have burdened the future with more government. With a stronger government. With more problems caused by government. Problems which will need to be solved eventually.

Government is short-term thinking. It’s “pragmatism” that leads to ongoing trouble, and ever more “pragmatic” ways to deal with them. It’s a hole you can never get out of until you bite the bullet and take the right way out; the way that seems strange and unfamiliar.

Yes, you have to survive the short term in order to get to the long-term. But stop seeing government as the way to fix things now. It isn’t. Not really. You’re only kicking the can a little farther down the road, adding more trouble for later; trouble someone will have to fix after you’re gone. Using government is selfish and irresponsible, no matter how you justify it.

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