Coercion and Violence to Advance Agendas

Study history and you will find a common occurrence present throughout all times and locations—individuals, groups, and entities attempting to impose their preferences on others through coercion and violence. The most effective of these criminals have always been those who managed to convince others they were a ‘government’ and thus obtain a facade of legitimacy for their crimes.

As a voluntaryist, it is this violent imposition of preference that I oppose. I am not opposed to order, cooperation, truth, or even ambition; but I stand in unwavering opposition to every individual, group, and entity which employs coercion and violence to advance their agendas.

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Parrish Miller has worked as a web designer, policy analyst, blogger, journalist, digital media manager, and social media marketing consultant. Having been largely cured of his political inclinations, he now finds philosophy more interesting than politics and is focused particularly on alternative ideas such as counter-economics, agorism, voluntaryism, and unschooling.

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