A Taxing Day

I think they have done it.  The politicians have employed confusion, as they did with Covid19, to befuddle completely the victims who support them.  Do you know, in any sane metric, how far in debt you are individually, or in collectives such as “we the people” or future generations?

Seats of State

The marble and its architecture, the splendid gardens, the statuary and the monuments, the historic shrines are placeholders.  Declarations of the immovable objects are such that we cannot lightly consider folding it up and putting it in the attic.

News? Not!

I gave up watching cable news long ago — I believe it was during the first Bush Jr administration, just after the beginning of the failing War on Terror.  The lack of information due to overemployment in the media sector and the resultant rise in partisanship rendered the “news” useless.