We Blame the Parents

Nobody asked but …

Today there was a meeting of the central Kentucky special interest group on Lifelong Philosophy (affiliated with the University of Kentucky’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute).  The topic for discussion was Human Destructiveness.

After a consensus that the world was topsy-turvy, the most vocal segment claimed that parents were to blame.  The implication was that earlier generations of parents were better.

What our parents were actually was from a much narrower demographic.  There was a concentration of fathers named Tom, Dick, and Harry.  Our mothers were housewives, many of whom did not have a paying job or a drivers’ license.

Can we go back?  Probably not.  America was always destined to deteriorate as an enclave of western European colonialists — slaveholders.  America would always become cosmopolitan — dependent on multivariate walks of life.

Conservatism is not nostalgia for the old days.  Realistic conservatism is deciding to make the most of what will be.  And there’s the trick: figuring out what tomorrow may bring.

— Kilgore Forelle


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