“Abuse of Power”

A lot of people are throwing around the phrase “abuse of power” these days. Is it happening? Is it not? Who is guilty of it and who isn’t?

Before you can figure out whether power is being abused, you need to figure out what a legitimate use of power would be. How power can be used without being abused.

Fortunately, that’s simple.

A legitimate use of power would be using power in any way which doesn’t violate the life, liberty, or property– the rights— of any other person. There is no other way to use power without abusing it.

All political government is an abuse of power, because it operates outside of what any legitimate use of power would be.

I know. If you’re a political person you don’t want to hear this. You want to find exceptions and justifications and you’ll search for Phantom Menaces and “what ifs” with which to scare the women and children.

But it’s true. It’s accurate.

If you have any power and use it to violate anyone’s natural rights you are abusing power. You have no right to do so. If you use the political means, and you have the power to cause any effect with it, you are guilty of abuse of power. All politicans are guilty of abuse of power. All bureaucrats are guilty of abuse of power. All State employees are guilty of abuse of power. And all those who support them are feeding the problem– propping up the power abusers.

I oppose all abuse of power and all those who abuse power.

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