Abnormalities and Treating Others with Kindness

Abnormalities aren’t normal. We don’t need to normalize abnormalities in order to have the kind of society that treats people with respect. We don’t need body positivity, trans awareness, gay awareness or anything else. We only need to teach people to be polite and treat assholes like they are assholes.

I have no problem teaching my kids about these subjects, but I have no desire to make an issue or big deal of it. I am not going to detail every abnormality that exists, and I am not going to make elaborate justifications for their existence. I am merely going to teach them to be kind to others, have empathy and don’t offer judgments to people who don’t appreciate it or haven’t asked for it.

I desire to treat people with respect and empathy … but most of the shit people teach beyond this is merely a conglomeration of white guilt, virtue signaling, and victim/predator narratives.

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Aaron White, married to a swell girl, is a business owner and unschooling father of two, going on three. His hobbies are music and poker. He resides in Southern California.

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