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Requiem for Marx

I’ve just finished the large coffee-table sized 2012 edition of the aforementioned title, made possible by Skyler Collins (the original volume was published in 1993 by the Ludwig Von Mises Institute), and edited by Yuri N. Maltsev.  This is a highly recommended, incisive indictment of both Marx and his philosophy.  I urge one and all to read it.  A free electronic version may be read or downloaded here — though I do warmly approve of and prefer the jumbo print version:


Vermont Voluntaryists on Facebook

I am seeking to ramp up voluntaryist activism and interest in voluntaryism in general here in Vermont.  In October, 2011, I launched the Vermont Voluntaryists Facebook Page, yet to date, most members are non-residents.  So while all interested in the transition to a voluntary society are still welcome to join, I’m especially interested in more Likes from Vermont.  If that’s you or perhaps someone you know, please help spread the word.  I’m also open to suggestions as to how future posts might be crafted in order to pique interest in voluntaryism specifically in Vermont.  Thank you.

~  Alex