Slaving Away in the School Factory

You see, the problem is that unschooled kids have fun. They play. They noodle around inside and outdoors, at home and in their communities, messing with projects, indulging their passions, and generally having a good time. These kids are continually demonstrating that learning isn’t hard work when it is need- and interest-based, and when the learner is in control…that, in fact, learning (not to mention life) is fun, even exciting. They are showing that there is no need for being processed by means of mostly irrelevant prepared curriculum, stressful tests, or long hours spent listening to boring lectures or memorizing monotonous and out-of-context facts. Read the full thing

Property Feuds

The one (and probably only) criticism which communists are correct in making is that simply claiming or sectioning areas does not create property. Rothbard also took this stance, and it is the logical stance stemming from Lockean property concepts, self-ownership, etc: Production is the basis of rightful ownership, for how can someone own something which has not been produced, or has not been “touched” by labor? I have had discussions with advocates of capitalism who do not follow through with this. They often believe simply declaring something is yours makes it true with no labor (when it comes to land), but this makes no sense. It’s the same logic as the state claiming open expanses are their “jurisdiction.” More of a continuation of feudalism than Lockean property rights. Read the full thing

Voluntaryists Are Modern Day Abolitionists

Modern day Anarchists/Voluntaryists are equivalent to the Abolitionists of the 19th century. The Abolitionists did not oppose chain slavery because they knew how the future will turn out or how the cotton would be picked. They opposed chain slavery on moral grounds alone. They opposed chain slavery because they knew in their hearts that owning and controlling another human being by force is immoral and wrong. Read the full thing

What Does Democracy Look Like, Actually?

Occupy Wall Street’s resurrection of the old chant — “this is what democracy looks like!” — rings new in the ears of some, but raises old worries in the minds of others: Fear of tyranny of the majority. Fear of the crowd’s imposition of its will on the minority merely because “there are more of us than there are of them.” Fear that “democracy” may come down to two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. Such fears are not unreasonable. “The will of the majority” is a common excuse for forcing things onto others. Read the full thing

Stop Trying to Control One Another

Most conservatives think I'm a liberal because I oppose the death penalty, war, the draft, censorship, drug laws, and other state interference in people's personal lives. Most liberals think I'm a conservative because I oppose obamacare, welfare, food stamps, taxes, environmental regulations, and other state interference in business and the economy. Most libertarians think I'm an anarchist because I refuse to engage in the game of voting for people to run the state rather than agitating for its abolition. Read the full thing