Principles, or a Convenience?

I recently saw a person publicly declare he is rejecting the Zero Aggression Principle (ZAP) after years of following it. The reason: Someone had insulted his girlfriend and he decided that the ZAP was inconvenient and “pacifist” because it informed him that using violence against the insulter would be something he didn’t have a right to do. He didn’t like this and started posting links claiming that words cause real harm. Read the full thing

The Infinite Regress of the Victim Mentality

Now aside from the fact that nobody living today has gone through the injustices of their ancestors, nor has anybody alive today perpetrated those injustices on any living or deceased person today, and therefore, they do not owe any so called “victim” anything, there is another problem with this line of victim based ideology. Namely, there is always another victim further back, to which a claim can be made for “justice.” Read the full thing

Government Doesn’t Serve Community

The best way to serve the community is to do the best job you can, being useful, and not violating anyone’s life, liberty, or property while doing it. Avoiding violations is the bare minimum to qualify as service. Master this and the rest will fall into place, even if you don’t get the same praise and recognition as those who draw attention to themselves. Read the full thing

It’s Either Bullies or Balance Sheets

A wise man once told me that in this life, you can obey balance sheets or bullies. In the end, those are the only two paths. He was drawing attention to an unavoidable reality in a world of scarcity. All scarce things must be allocated among competing ends. This can be done top-down by people in control, or it can be accomplished bottom-up with the signaling system that emerges from voluntary exchange. The two approaches don’t mix well. Read the full thing