Limited Government and Communism

What do the two share in common?  The original end-concept of the latter was that ultimately, via socialism, the State would simply disappear altogether.

How did that work out?

As to the former, it rests on the idea that, election after election, laws can be kept few, taxes low, agencies small and highly restricted in their functions, court judges pure in their rulings that ever demonstrate strict fealty to words on parchment (“constitutions”), and police always noble and respectful of the many rights the population is supposed to be able to forever enjoy.

How has that ever worked out?

Answer to the opening question posed: Both are foolishly utopian, and based on utter fantasy.



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Alex R. Knight III is originally from Groveland, Massachusetts, where he grew up listening to rock and roll, reading J.R.R. Tolkien, and the comic books of the 1970s.  He today lives in rural southern Vermont where he welds, plays guitar, paints abstracts, reads avidly, and writes.  He is the author of the short fiction collection, Tales From Dark 7in addition to the novels The Morris Roomand Empty World.  And, he is a Voluntaryist. Visit his MeWe group here.