You Don’t Have The Right to Violate Others

You don’t have the right to threaten or shoot innocent people with your weapon while claiming “gun rights”. Completely separate issues.

You have the right to own and control property– real estate– which means no one has a right to forbid it. If they had the right to forbid it, this would mean you only have the privilege to own and control property rather than the right.

You have no right to violate people’s rights just because they are on your real estate by claiming “property rights”. Completely separate issues.

Your rights never include violating the equal and identical rights of others. I don’t have the right to violate your rights on my property, so you don’t have that right, either. That right can’t exist, by the nature of rights. You have the responsibility to not violate other people’s rights while exercising your rights.

So, you don’t have the right to shoot innocent people due to your right to own and carry weapons just because you wanted to shoot, and you don’t have the right to make up rules which would violate other people’s natural human rights as a condition of them being on your property.

Some speak of rights “conflicting”, but they don’t. My property rights end where yours begin, and yours begin– at the minimum— at “you”. My rights don’t overlap yours. There is no conflict.

It’s the difference between “You’re on my property” and “You are my property“.

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