Words Poorly Used #68 — Real Voluntaryism

Voluntaryism is not just individualism.  Your voluntaryism is every association that you make voluntarily.  You own your associations.  You own the facts of where and when you were born and all of the places where and when you have lived.  You own the facts of who, where, and when you know other living beings.  You own the facts of who you follow from afar (David Hume, for instance).  You own the facts of what and when and how you have tried to know persons, places, events, and things.  Many people may make the mistake of thinking that voluntaryism is just individualism, or personal freedom, or personal choice.  But you may expand your voluntary world by exposing yourself to new elements, to new consequences, even at personal risk.  For example, I am in my 50th year of marriage and 73rd year of life, but I still add new things, nearly every day.  I started blogging some time ago.  I have made nearly 5,000 friends on facebook.  I have joined a Writers Shared Interest Group (SIG).  I go to the Socrates Cafe meetings in Louisville.  I try new plants in the yard every season.  I continue to expand my music collection and discover new artists.


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