Words Poorly Used #45 — Education

I was really cranked today when I read on Facebook that some useful idiot was quoted as saying that he was happy to pay taxes for public education so he didn’t have to live in a society of idiots!  Whaa-a-a-a-aattt?  Has this guy watched television any time since 1950?  Does he think that reality shows, cable news, and the endless mediocre talent shows featuring an endless bombardment of mediocre talents are the cream that we skim from this gift of the politicians — this statist pseudo-education?  Where does this guy get off saying that taxpayers owe him the luxury of choosing the types of people among whom he wants to live.  This is as perverse as people who want to tell the government which people to let across the borders.  If one dislikes one’s neighbors, either for their geographic origins or for their level of indoctrination, one is perfectly free to find some new neighbors.  One is also free to pay to live in a gated community, with a public or private school, but not to have everyone else to pay taxes for it.  If this Bozo thinks the schools are there to provide him with the kind of crowd he wants to run with, then I get to demand that the public schools teach Bozos how to mind their own business.


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