Words Poorly Used #146 — Partisanship

The word “partisan” comes from variants of words for separation or apartness.  But it doesn’t refer to individuality or critical thinking.  Partisans are usually shackled to an idea that is the opposite of individuality, responsibility, or critical thinking.  Partisans usually knuckle under to groupthink.  Think about the removal from office activity in Congress recently.  Only one member of either chamber voted conscientiously.  Only one did original thought.  All the rest based their opinions on borrowed opinion — partisan opinion.  So justice was not served, rather partisanship was served.


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H Rearden
H Rearden
2 years ago

There is another definition of partisan which is somewhat the opposite of the definition you wrote about. There have been partisans who have literally fought against those fighting in favor of not thinking critically and group think. Take for example the French partisans who fought against the German occupation of France during WWII.