We Are More Likely to Remember a Football Score

Nobody asked but …

If you need proof that the American people are brainwashed, I had to be reminded by a click-bait news source, that I sailed past the 50th anniversary last year under the buzz of Covid-19. But May 4, 2021 will see the 51st passage of the mark of the Kent State Massacre on our calendars — an invisible mark in most cases.

I cared enough to read the story. I was most disturbed to see that contemporary accounts showed that the hoi polloi of Kent, OH felt it was justified, and a significant portion of the student body agreed.

I also pieced together the facts that Nixon, his minions, and the Pentagon’s executors saw no crime and punishment arising from the event. Nixon would have to trip over his own, generally unrelated, Watergate misadventures, later, to earn his due. There was little official remorse.

But for the love of [plug in an appropriate agnostic term], OUR Army was killing OUR children. That truth has to be the mark of the beginning of the end for a culture, for a society. That there was no official assumption of responsibility suggests a dead culture and society.

— Kilgore Forelle

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