Words Poorly Used #122 — Adolescence

I am listening to the Tom Woods Show Episode #1050, an interview of Dr. Robert Epstein, with the self-explanatory title of How State and Society Invented Adolescence, and Screwed Up Young People.  Dr. Epstein sheds much light on the question that haunts me: where is it written that young humans do not enjoy standing as humans?

99% of the problems that human children have are engendered by their being sequestered in a special class, that is neither here nor there.  Very few humans escape carrying this pernicious damage into the rest of their lives.  My late father used to say, “I never was able to think of myself as an adult,” despite the fact that he had life accomplishments that would beggar most of today’s notorious pretenders.  I felt the same way until I became a voluntaryist and became part of Everything-Voluntary.com

Next time you encounter a young person, ask him or her a question that you would expect a real adult to answer.

— Kilgore Forelle

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