Without Government Welfare

In a world without government welfare, every individual would be required to either provide for themselves, or rely on private charity.

“But what if they can’t get private charity?” cries a bleeding-heart liberal.

If an individual claims to be in need, and yet his requests for help are repeatedly rejected by his family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and church; it bears asking what kind of life that individual has lived that no one seems to care if he lives or dies.

Either his “need” is not so great as he claims or his past conduct has been so repulsive that it has rendered him unworthy of assistance in the eyes of everyone with whom he has come in contact.

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Parrish Miller has worked as a web designer, policy analyst, blogger, journalist, digital media manager, and social media marketing consultant. Having been largely cured of his political inclinations, he now finds philosophy more interesting than politics and is focused particularly on alternative ideas such as counter-economics, agorism, voluntaryism, and unschooling.