What’s Wrong with Due Process?

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When I was active in public life, I operated on the principle of not lobbying those whose job it was to guard due process. I talked to many as friends, but I never broached the topic of something that was before them as a matter of their official post. I have carried that principle into my private, libertarian life. If we oppose government, surely we oppose using government to get our way.

But I am concerned about how so many, on all sides of the debate, are seeking to influence Mueller’s investigation. What’s wrong with due process? How can so many claim to be weary of this process, seemingly having no interest or confidence that the process would work? How long is such a process supposed to take? Doesn’t it need to continue until it is complete?

If there is the slightest question that wrong has been done, only full due process can establish whether the claim is wrong or right. The court of political sentiment is mute. The processes of public opinion are inappropriate. Partisans cannot possibly know what the issues look like from within Mueller’s domain. Even POTUS cannot know.

I wonder why POTUS is attacking Mueller as though he, POTUS, is guilty. Only due process can exonerate him, even if and when he has been charged. To the best of my knowledge, Mueller is investigating Russian meddling, not collusion. Why is POTUS throwing himself in the path of a bullet aimed at Putin?

— Kilgore Forelle

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