On Harry Potter II

There are at least two other themes from the Harry Potter series that I enjoyed: 1) the idea that youths are stronger and smarter than adults realize, and 2) you can’t liberate someone who doesn’t want to be liberated. On 1), again and again adults underestimate the creativity, brilliance, and the tenacity of the younger generation. Book after book showed Harry and his many friends overcoming challenging and dangerous obstacles, culminating in the salvation of everyone by the destruction of one of the most powerful and evil wizards in history. I hope this empowers every person, youth or adult, that reads this series; and every person should read this series. On 2) Hermione is committed to liberating the seemingly enslaved house-elfs, a generally noble cause, but her efforts are in vain. They don’t want liberation, and I can’t tell if it’s a matter of cyclical mental abuse or the fulfillment of natural instinct to be used (and often abused) the way they are. In other words, either there’s a deeper injustice going on here, or Hermione’s campaign is the true injustice. It’s hard to tell. And that’s today’s two cents.


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