What Kind of Right is It?

It doesn’t matter to me if a right is a “First Amendment Right” or a “Second Amendment Right” or any other right supposedly “protected” by the Bill of Rights. The Constitution was a scam, and it’s been irrelevant for all intents and purposes for a very long time.

What matters to me is whether something is a human right.

And you have the right, as a human, to do absolutely anything which doesn’t violate someone else’s equal and identical rights. Anything. Which is why entitlements can’t be rights.

Whether or not it is mentioned in the Bill of Rights is irrelevant.

Whether governments respect your right is irrelevant as to whether or not it exists– although it matters a great deal as to whether you are free to exercise your right without dying by cop.

So, worrying about which amendment “protects” a particular right is pointless. Let the statists chase their tails with that one.

If you do what you want, would it violate anyone’s life, liberty, or property? If not, go ahead- it’s your right.

If it does, you’d be smart (and ethical) to not do it no matter how badly you want to, and no matter how you justify it.

Remember, though, it’s not always smart, or even nice, to do everything you have a right to do, at any particular time or place. Be ethical, but also be smart and nice.

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