On Mass Murder II

In my last post, I wrote several names of individuals that I consider to be mass murderers. Becoming a mass murdering political “leader” can happen one of two ways: 1) they send the individuals that they command to invade an area presided over by an individual or group of individuals they consider to be criminals and desire to rid the world of their crimes, and in doing so several criminally-innocent others are killed by their forces or the responding forces, and 2) the individuals that comprise their forces and the individuals that comprise the responding forces are criminally-innocent vis-a-vis each other, but proceed to slaughter one another as a matter of obeying orders. The area invaded can be another country or a private property within the same country. Either way, criminally-innocently people are intentionally killed, and hence murdered, ultimately by the one(s) giving the orders. And that’s today’s two cents.


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