Nobody asked but …

Actually, many people do ask, “You call yourself a voluntaryist, so what does that mean?”  Good question, and the answer bears repeating!  All human interactions should be voluntary — I will take no actions that I do not do willingly, nor will I coerce another to take such actions unwillingly.  The first phrase is the general principle, and in scope it covers all humans.  As such, it can only be a prescription, all humans other than yourself must be left to perform their own voluntary actions.  The second phrase, starting with “I will …,” is the behavior that will maximize my efforts (my efforts alone) toward voluntary action.  This ends my power to control an interaction.  I have confessed a desire and intent to engage only in voluntary interactions, but I can have only expectations for other human beings, I cannot control them.  You can only have a voluntary relationship with another through both having a willingness to relate.  One cannot compel the other.  Isn’t this just another invocation of the Golden Rule, be toward others as you wish them to be toward you?


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