Unanimous City Council Decisions

A recent article at Reason.com commented on a vote by the San Rafael City Council vote to ban smoking in one’s home. The vote was unanimous. This begs the question, if it was unanimous, why have the vote at all? If all the residents of San Rafael did not smoke in their homes, there’s no reason to waste public funds on a unnecessary vote.

It stands to reason that this is not the case. It is safe to assume that there are some smokers in San Rafael, and that they enjoy this habit in their own homes. So how could the City Council have produced a unanimous vote on this issue? Should there have been some members of the Council that smoke? Or at least support such activities in the privacy of one’s home? Apparently not.

This is how statism works. A group of individuals attain power and then decided what’s best for everyone else. Too bad if you disagree with the ruling body. In fact, those that do not generally become a new class of criminals. Everyone else, regardless of their beliefs comply so as not to be criminalized.

This is why the state is immoral and all its actions illegal. This is why the state needs to be closed down and individuals left to determine how best to govern themselves.

~ Eric

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