The Truth Can Change

There are things which are true that you (and I) don’t want to be true.

The pragmatist just says “Oh, well. That’s how it is”, but smart people see it as an opportunity to change what is true. Change it for the better.

It was once true that humans were denied the experience of powered flight. That’s not true anymore (although the nasty TSA tries as hard as they can to make it true again).

It is true that I currently have a piece of metal (accidentally) superglued to my right index finger, making it harder to type. I’m hoping this truth will change in the next few days.

Maybe it’s true that humans always impose political governments on themselves and others. If so, work to change that truth into something healthier.

Truth shouldn’t be a prison. If there’s a truth you don’t like, do what you can to make a new truth. Make the old truth a lie going into the future.

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