The Right Thing for Our Children?

Written by Kicking it Unschool.

Why do we send our children off to school when they are 6 years old? Just because that’s what most everyone else does? Because that’s what our parents did with us?

If we didn’t have the idea that we needed to send our children to school at age 6, would we still feel the need to send them to preschool at age 4? Would we still feel like they needed ‘social interaction’ and to ‘learn to be away from us’ at such a young age?

What if we didn’t live in a society where it is ‘normal’ to send our children to spend most of the waking day with strangers? I wonder, would we look at them differently? Would we look at our children at age 6 and see them as happy, intelligent, and developing normally? Would we see them as the sponges for information they are, with no need to be sent away to learn?

Would we stop questioning our own ability to raise our children? Would we look into their happy faces and think “I’m doing something right. I can continue to raise and educate my children at home.”? What if we all thought about the fact that this new ‘normal’ of sending kids to school has only been around for about 100 years? Would we still think it was the right thing for our children?

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