The Building Blocks of Peaceful Parenting

Writes Free Your Kids:

Peaceful parenting is not permissive parenting. Our kids don’t run the house. We do not live in chaos and disarray.

The fundamentals are self-ownership and the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP). We teach our kids that they own themselves. No one should be permitted to encroach on their bodies or their property. The companion to this is that they must respect another’s right to his/her own body and property. This applies to children and parents.

We teach them the NAP. They should not initiate violence against another’s body or property. Self-defense is not ruled out by the NAP.

We do fairly well living by these principles. Our home is quite peaceful. Aggression is rare. We talk continuously to the kids about these two ideas. No other rules are really necessary.

This is what peaceful parenting looks like. Respect the rights of others. Do not commit acts of violence. These are the building blocks.

Beautiful. We, too, practice self-ownership and non-aggression in our family. Give it a try!


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