Social Media Statism and “Real” Libertarianism (29m) – Episode 024

Episode 024: Join your host as he swims in the cesspool of social media and discusses science deniers, armed protesters, and the difference between Libertarianism and Voluntaryism.

Listen to Episode 024 (29m, mp3, 64kbps)

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Jared Nordin is an electrician by trade. Father of two. He really enjoys hiking, backpacking, and photography with his wife. He can hear him on The Voluntary Contrarian podcast.

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2 years ago

Three words that explain why No Lifes Matter: The Greater Good. Invoking The Greater Good attempts to give license to all manner of abuses against anyone not in the majority.

2 years ago

Authority is a myth people cling to in the belief that if they submit TO it, they will be protected BY it. And when that doesn’t happen, they accept the excuses because they’ve become dependent upon the authoritarian governing body to the point where they feel incapable of doing for themselves.