Episode 023 – Jim’s Journey (1h20m)

Episode 023 welcomes Jim Carigan, EVC columnist and blogger, to the podcast as he recounts his life-long journey toward individualism and voluntaryism.

Listen to Episode 023 (1h20m, mp3, 96kbps)

Show Notes

Facebook Profile, Jim Carigan
Column Series, “Finding the Challenges” (Verbal Vol)
Blog Series, “Nobody Asked But…” (Kilgore Forelle)
Blog Series, “Words Poorly Used” (Kilgore Forelle)
Facebook Group, “Another 2000+ Libertarian Quotes


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Words Poorly Used #33 — Shall

Thanks to Skyler for bringing up this word, shall, in this blogspace.  There is a strong argument that any time this word and its variations are used relative to human behavior that it is poorly used.  There is also a weak argument that it might be used in a process description, say in a statute where it only applies to what generically happens next — but there are other words which may substitute nicely.  The word shall (and its derivatives) actually comes to us from the KJV Bible[*], where it was frequently used to describe the mandatory nature of man’s relationship to God.  But it was soon usurped by Kings and other despots who were running a scam that they had a divine right to practice their depradations on those without divine right. (We’ll do a WPU on “divine right” perhaps one day).  The use of shall might well be done away with in modern usage.  It is a vestigial remain.  Part of the behavior of poorly using words is to preserve the use of words that no longer have a practical use (its power to confuse massively outweighs its power to clarify).

[*] one shall capitalize the initial letter of “Bible”


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It’s All Good But Some Is Even Better

Nobody asked but …

I am inspired by Skyler’s column for this week, A Great Year, A Better Year, which caused me to think about real accomplishments on the home front.  I think the best thing that happened was that I discovered Skyler and EVC, and Skyler discovered me.  This happened in a year in which no small amount of positives occurred for yours truly and his loved ones — my lovely bride Kilgorette’s retirement and far greater happiness, a new great-grandson, a fine new sunroom, a trip to Spain, my Dad celebrated his 93rd year, I got a new (to me) farm truck, we had three great get-togethers with our oldest and best friends, I listened to hundreds of hours of freedom-oriented podcasts, I joined the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Kentucky, and lots of other joys too numerous to mention.   But the event that stands out, because it was unpredictable and perpendicular to my life up to now, was getting the opportunity to become a columnist (as Verbal Vol — here) and a blogger (as Kilgore Forelle — here and here) at EVC. Thank you, Skyler, and thank you fellow voluntaryists.


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