Rude Awakening

Nobody asked but …

Statists fear that some morning they may wake up in a cold, dreary world, an utopian anarchia like the worlds in The Walking Dead, or Falling Skies, or The Last Ship.  Not to fear.  Anarchy in a society would at best be a flash in a pan.  In fact, all of the apocalyptic melodramas cited above are rampant with authoritarianism.  Anarchy only exists in the minds of free human individuals.  The day that one awakens to the realization that it makes no difference who got elected, that one can be free, completely, until the day that voluntaryism collides fatally with some random manifestation of tyranny, is the day on which one becomes free.  Every individual can elect freedom, and you can elect choice, and you can elect risk — you have all of these things innately.  The worry that someone else can waste their life by dedicating it to wasting your life; that worry is kind of self-indulgent.  And it is a worry that can be deferred, awaiting the event.


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