Re: Personal Oaths

Nobody asked but …

I have just read Skyler‘s blog post and Parrish‘s, in quick succession.  My head nearly exploded!  Who in their right mind commits to an oath of any kind to a set of institutions gone so clearly awry as our nation-state’s?  It mocks the serious discussion of oaths and justice.  What is an oath anyway — some mumbo jumbo dreamed up by pre-teen boys in a clubhouse?  I don’t know who the government believes they are fooling with these hypocritical oaths, but they have ceased to fool me.  The pomp and circumstance with which the government drapes their depradations is becoming sickening.  The day-to-day patting of their hired killers on the back has lost its charm.  I do not want to see any more conscientious victims, such as Snowden, agonizing over whether they do the honorable thing.  There is no honorable response to the villainous manipulators who have just about reached their goal of bringing this people into total servitude.  To whom are you making an oath?  Surely not to the skulking rats who declare themselves our leaders.  They, every last one of them, have broken every oath they have ever pledged to us.


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