Re: Our Moral High Ground

Writes Skyler J. Collins:

In response to my claims on the immorality of voting (of granting immoral power to someone however they intend to use it), some have said that voting is a violation of a lower law in obedience to a higher one. Well and good, my point remains, voting is immoral, irrelevant is the belief that it’s necessary in order to combat a greater immorality. Voluntaryists are primarily concerned with means, anyway, and voting is 1) bad strategy, 2) easily viewed as an acceptance of the institution of voting (the appearance of evil), 3) the granting to someone the power of coercing others, and 4) playing by the state’s rules. For these and other reasons, we who claim the state is necessarily invasive (violates our property rights) should not vote, ever. Protest it, boycott it, admonish against it, wave the banner of nonvoting and nonviolence. Don’t enter the voting booth; doing so betrays the moral high ground of the voluntaryist.

(Note: this concerns primarily electoral voting, though referrendum voting is also 1, 2, and 4.)

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