How to Approach the 4th of July

There are a myriad ways one (living in the United States) can approach the pagan holiday that is the Fourth of July. Unfortunately, it can’t simply be ignored. It’s too loud and annoying to do that. And if you have kids, they won’t be satisfied not lighting some fireworks. Here’s what I wrote after my dreary mood last year:

What a better way to celebrate the 4th than by studying the growth and tyranny of the largest empire in the world, the United States?, than by studying the principles of nullification and secession, and how they are at work today, all over the country, and the world? I think that’s what I’ll do. I’ll use this time each year to teach my family the history of the American State, of all the ways it has violat’d it’s own Constitution, and violat’d the rights of it’s citizens. I’ll teach them about nullification, when it’s been used successfully, where it’s being used today, and where it should be used tomorrow. We’ll explore current nullification movements. I’ll teach them about secession. About Lincoln’s tyranny and shredding of the Constitution. I’ll teach them about modern secessionist movements around the world, like South Sudan, Southern California, and Scotland.

That’s one way, and in my opinion, the most productive way to approach the Fourth of July. Even if you live outside the US, you can approach this time of year the same way. Nullification and secession are important [lost] strategies in combating tyranny. I expect to see more efforts along these lines in the coming months in response to ObamaCare’s receiving of the Supremes’ almighty blessing.

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