Re: On Collectives

Skyler, certainly specific individuals presume to take actions on behalf of the collective — if such actual and presumed delegation were not matters of course, there would cease to be collectives.  But there is an inner collective in any state which is the oligarchy.  The oligarchy chooses who will do the deeds for the oligarchy.  And the individuals chosen thereby are perfectly interchangeable with other minions of the oligarchy.  If an individual does something that generates too much heat from the rabble, then that individual gets some sinecure from the oligarchy and he or she is replaced.  Look at the CIA for a case history.  Regarding your Facebook post of your observance, someone responded that the individuals in the collective can be held accountable (which I guess seems like a good thing) but how does that accountability work?  There is just a roundtable that moves the culprits from one track to another, political office to political apparatchik to special interest lobbyist to the executive suite of crony corporatists.  Where is the accountability?


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