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Let us be sure that we understand how these observations are verifications of natural law, not as statists would have us believe, demonstrations of how voluntaryism does not work.  Both Detroit and Somalia are wreckage left by the failures of statism.  Voluntaryism works everywhere that statism does not intervene.  People are voluntarily both staying in and leaving from both Detroit and Somalia.  This is perfectly natural.  I did not mean in the earlier blog post that emigration was only happening in Detroit nor apocalypse was only happening in Somalia.  Now, I will acknowledge that emigration from Detroit is far more likely of a choice, and that Job-like martyrdom is far more likely to seem an inevitability in Somalia.  Natural selection includes knowing when to leave.  Natural selection will impose apocalypse (Conquest, War, Famine, and Death) on those who choose to stay. But voluntaryism is a choice in every circumstance — the principles of nature always apply.  The obstacles to total voluntaryism are always there — the height may vary.  You may never reach total voluntaryism, except perhaps momentarily from time to time, for there will always be obstacles.


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