Optimistic about the Future of Liberty

This morning, after a little reflection, I’m more optimistic than ever about the future of liberty. There are so many great companies, organizations, and technologies that enable us to throw off the shackles of the state and its allied institutions.

Praxis is redefining higher education and is cranking out a new generation of entrepreneurs no longer saddled with a permission mindset.

Heleum is redefining savings- beating inflationary policy at its own game.

BitPay is redefining checking, making cryptocurrencies easy to adopt and use in daily economic life.

Peer to peer lenders like Prosper.com are redefining and decentralizing loans and investment lending.

Cryptocurrencies in general are bringing sound money principles into practice and challenging the Federal Reserve banking cartel.

Detroit Threat Management Center has stood for 20 years as proof that policing communities can be a peaceful venture that doesn’t require taxation.

Cell 411 is decentralizing community safety and holding police accountable.

Surgery Center of Oklahoma is making surgery affordable by casting off Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance cartels.

Atlas Health Network is pioneering concierge family healthcare and breaking up ridiculous pharmaceutical markups.

Liberty HealthShare offers very low-cost medical insurance by actually understanding what insurance IS.

With so much subversive entrepreneurship going on, there’s a lot to be excited about!

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