Non-aggression is Non-Aggression

Nobody asked but …

There is a critical importance in knowing who you are dealing with, but I want to be clear on my application of the NAP. If you identify a statist, that is not an automatic “open fire” situation in and of itself. If you encounter a rattlesnake, and it is 10 yards away, it will probably flee. If it charges you, kill it. Otherwise, you cannot change the nature of snakes by killing every one you encounter. If you find a nest of snakes at your home, eradicate it. But you cannot change the nature of snakes by scouring the countryside (the J Edgar Hoover approach) and destroying all the nests you find. Keep your powder dry. Clarity can be found in Ben Stone’s (Bad Quaker) discussions on the difference between NAP and ZAP (Zero Aggression Principle).  I also operate on the dependent principle that self-defense and initiated aggression are polar opposites.


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