Where in the World Is The Ukraine?

Nobody asked but … 

Actually, somebody did ask, and an excellent facebook friend postedI like this: Only 1 in 6 Americans surveyed could find the Ukraine on a map of the world.”  There is somewhat of a reason why we don’t know where the Ukraine lies. FDR and Churchill blithely tossed it into the oubliette of Stalin at the Yalta Conference in 1945. There ensued a half-century during which nobody in the West was given any information about which they could give a damn.  It was all propaganda.  Our government became so hooked on the narcotic bliss of propaganda that it continues, and burgeons.  Today, we have a POTUS who received an award for transparency in a secret meeting! Today, we have had an unbroken string of POTUS and their minions who have let us know nothing about the world that is true.


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