There is No “Right to Archate”

I think most people believe they have the “right” to archate; a right which can never exist.

At least, it sure seems that way to me.

Because of this delusion, they form governments. They let those governments hire cops, bureaucrats, clerks, and so forth. Then they participate in elections to hire even more parasites from the pool of politicians.

But, that’s fine with them because they also believe they have a right to share in the fruits of your labors, and don’t mind dividing the spoils among the parasites they hired (as long as they also get some crumbs).

All these parasites they hire and elect believe they have a right to assert “authority” over you. They believe this imaginary “authority” comes with the “job”.

Cops even believe their imaginary “authority” gives them the right to murder you if they don’t feel like you cowered sufficiently before their almighty “authority”.

So, yeah, people have a right to believe what they believe, and to live by their beliefs… but only to a point. There is a limit, and that limit comes when they move beyond belief into acting on it, by archating. No “job” can move that concrete boundary by even a fraction of an ångström.

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