The Collision of Two Irreversible Trends

The BAD news: The gradual ongoing increase in authoritarianism in the United States is not going to stop. As in many empires before, the state will increase in power, intrusiveness, abusiveness and callousness until something gives. Voting, campaigning, petitioning, and begging for mercy from the rulers has absolutely no chance of reversing or stopping this trend.

The GOOD news: At the same time, the recent dramatic increase in the number of people who not only see the evil of this current regime, but who are giving up their faith in “authority” entirely, is also not going to stop. The state huffing and puffing, harassing, demonizing and assaulting people, even outright state-sanctioned murder, has absolutely no chance of reversing or stopping this trend. You can sometimes temporarily scare someone into being obedient, but thuggery is not going to make voluntaryists magically believe in political “authority” again.

The real question is, exactly when and exactly how are those two irreversible trends going to collide? The precise timeline and the precise degree of ugliness that will come from the impending clash may be debatable, but either way, the worldwide cult of the “Divine Right of Politicians” is not long for this world.

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Larken Rose is an anarchist author best known for challenging the IRS to answer questions about the federal tax liability of citizens, and being put in prison with no questions answered. He is the author of The Most Dangerous Superstition.