Natural Law Is Inevitable

Nobody asked but …

I hadn’t meant to go on a 10-day hiatus, but I have been reminded again that Nature will not be denied.  Some will contend that Natural Law can be debated, because it is like the flimsy excuses for laws that statists devise — sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn’t.  Firstly, fictions are made up, because they were previously absent.  All man-made stand-ins for law are anything but law.  Secondly, the phrase “natural law” is a redundancy.  Nature and Law are the same thing.

Ten years ago, we moved into a log cabin, and I thought that being close to Nature, she would be our friend.  But Nature is a hard superintendent.  Part of our sylvan dream home has sagged, being in dire need of bolstering.  Those corrections we will employ will stave off the advance of time and age for only so long.

But maybe I can buy enough time to get back to writing for the near future.  But I hope I never forget again that the real laws are inexorable, and the things I must do to delay their advance are only temporary fictions.

— Kilgore Forelle

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