How Much Worse Will We Allow it To Get?

Every day, without exception, I learn about people being kidnapped, caged, and even killed by the state. They do not meet these fates because they hurt anyone. They are not targeted because they pose an imminent danger to their fellow men. No, these people are victimized by the state solely because they make choices which go against the preferences of politicians and bureaucrats.

They grow plants, ingest substances, play games, travel, purchase goods and services, engineer devices and software, and engage in hundreds of other victimless actions which annoy or irritate busybodies in positions of power. As a result, armed men are dispatched to extort, kidnap, and cage them. Those who dare to resist these assaults on their liberty are gunned down, summarily executed for the supposed crime of “resisting” their own victimization.

Tens of thousands of such encounters happen every day in this country, yet most people barely take notice, dismissing the tyranny of armed occupation as “law and order” and regarding with suspicion and acrimony those who call out and denounce this unparalleled evil.

I will not be silenced by this apathy and indifference. We are all victims of the machinery of oppression which has grown beyond anything ever before witnessed in human history. Those who enforce these prohibitions against victimless actions are every bit as guilty as those who create them. Those who initiate force against those who have not used force against others cannot hide behind the facade of “just doing their jobs.”

The unanswered question, though, is how much worse will we allow it to get before we start fighting back?

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Parrish Miller has worked as a web designer, policy analyst, blogger, journalist, digital media manager, and social media marketing consultant. Having been largely cured of his political inclinations, he now finds philosophy more interesting than politics and is focused particularly on alternative ideas such as counter-economics, agorism, voluntaryism, and unschooling.

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