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It may be constructive to look at things that are more or less universally covered in public state schools.  And perhaps even more important, to look at what is not being taught in those same schools.  And “why?” for each.  We could have quite a discussion of reading, writing, and math, but we wouldn’t have much disagreement that these are fundamental.  Do public schools teach computer literacy, and when?  I’d guess this record is very spotty.  Far too many government educational bureaucrats base their decisions regarding technology on availability of resources.  Children today are extremely aware of technology, active in sorts of technology, adept at sorts of technology, but it is my opinion that they are woefully underexposed to productive and/or creative uses of technology.  Why isn’t logic taught in public schools, except as an exotic skill?  Why isn’t personal banking, financing, and investing taught to all students — could it be that the oligarchy of the financial world prefer that their knowledge remains scarce.  Why aren’t public school children given more information on information, particularly regarding manipulation?  Why are children required to study sex but not relationships?  Each of these questions could be a separate blog entry or a whole article or even a book.  They are introduced here to provoke thought.  What do you think should be the basic subjects of learning?  These are questions that apply in government schools, private schools, home schools, unschools, and self-education — in fact, in navigating the world.


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