Labels on People are the Worst Words of All

Nobody asked but …

I am noticing now that some of my Facebook friends are beginning to make declarations of independence from abstractions.  Yesterday, I read where a man was going to start unfriending everyone who had “Voluntaryist” in their facebook handle.  Being a voluntaryist myself (among other things), I have two reactions — 1) what does “voluntaryist” mean in a negative way, and 2) who’s business is it?  Another thought is that I have no preference whatsoever in whom friends or unfriends whom for whatever reason.  I will, however, even admit to being a bit squeamish about people who have “chemtrails,” “zeitgeist,” or “benghazi” in their facebook handles — they are wearing labels out loud for some purpose.  Casual labeling has led too often in the past to far more unpleasant matters.  The physical labeling of people with 6-pointed stars in Deutschland in the 30s and 40s of the Twentieth Century was for the purpose of finding them, shunning them, then rounding them up, then killing most of them.  Some people have built-in labels — it was easy to identify Japanese-Americans at about the same time and herd them off to the badlands.  What are we labeling those children stranded at our southern border on Central America?  Not to worry, the lamestream newshounds will be (or maybe already have done) coming up with a sobriquet soon.


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