#KnifeFree? #Spineless!

London’s pathetic knife prohibition: “No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife. Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law.” – @MayorofLondon

First off, “@MayorofLondon” is lying. There are endless very good, legitimate reasons to carry a knife. There are only a couple of reasons to not carry a knife, and they are all sad and pathetic. Such as the fact that a bully has threatened to use violence against you when his henchmen “catch” you with a knife. And he has promised they will catch you. This is a credible threat of archation from him, and I hope he pays the price soon. His victims need to fight back and stop him in a way he understands.

And I hope he loses a lot of henchmen in the process. Only those truly willing to commit boundless evil would enforce this prohibition.

If you think I’m serious about the right to own and to carry guns, you haven’t seen anything yet if you threaten to violate my right to own and to carry knives.

Knives are what make us human, technology-wise. To try to stop people from carrying knives is to forbid them from living as humans. A knife ban is even less legitimate than a gun ban, and a gun ban isn’t legitimate at all.

A gun is only helpful in extreme, limited situations. But knives are essential many times every day. To pretend that I’m not allowed to have one handy is a declaration of war against me. And I’m dead serious.

If anti-liberty bigots want war, then let them become anti-knife bigots.

I’m infuriated on behalf of the people of London. I wish they cared about their well-being half as much as I do.

I fear the populace of great Britain hasn’t got the spine to stand up to this most heinous insult. They’ve gotten too domesticated and willing to put up with just about any atrocity committed in the name of “safety”.

This is where allowing a government to ban guns will lead. People ridicule the notion of the “slippery slope”, and pretend it’s a logical fallacy. Well, here is an example in real life. It’s not a logical fallacy. It’s a Law of governance. Australia has been heading down the same suicidal path since their anti-gun travesty.

It would be nice to see this become the straw that broke the camel’s back and triggered a tsunami against the anti-liberty bigot who thought he could just impose his will, no matter how horrible it was. I will cheer if this proves to be his end. He deserves it as much as any tyrant or dictator in history. And people complain about Trump… (at least Trump hasn’t tried anything quite this insane. Yet.)

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