It’s the Wild West Out There!

Nobody asked but …

Pandemic is just a medical journal word, code for “you’re on your own.”  Other similar words are drought, war, famine, death, recession, panic of [yyyy], and so forth.

It’s always the Wild West out there.  If you paint yourself into a corner, you are painted into a corner — it is what it is.  People who insist on obeying the government no matter what are mining in a thin seam.  Is anyone in government in possession of sufficient medical knowledge to navigate the pandemic for you?  Short and sweet — no.  Are politically appointed medicos likely to be your shepherds?  Their metrics are vastly different from yours — heard “flattening the curve” much lately?  You are only a data point on that curve.  Do you rely on the unpolitical medical establishment to save you?  They are only unpolitical to political junkies.  They have their own, different criteria.

Your well-being is your responsibility.  Making sure that you are not aggressing on somebody else is also your responsibility.

— Kilgore Forelle

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