Importing New Democrats? Or Creating Them?

“Conservatives” yapping about “illegals” sound just as dumb as “liberals” droning on about guns.

But consider this: “Conservatives” say they oppose the independent migrants because they are being imported (or allowed to enter) to become “new Democratic voters”. Well, who do you think they’d vote for? The people who are “welcoming” them with hatred, calling them “illegals”, and waving the Federal flag in their faces?

Sure, it would be better if they refused to play the political game at all. It would also be better if there were no welfare for anyoneto become dependent upon, and no “offices” to vote any parasites and tyrants into.

But consider who immigrants are inevitably going to see as the ones on their side. Consider who they’ll end up being exposed to in a positive way. It’s not going to be the “conservatives”.

If you want new immigrants to become more like you, treat them with respect. If you don’t want them to slip into the arms of your ideological enemies, then don’t drive them there. Give them a chance. Encourage them to be independent and self-reliant. Lead by example and kindness.

Treating them like scum is guaranteeing the outcome you claim to fear. A self-fulfilling prediction. And unless you are as deeply in denial as those you rail against, you have to see how much of the responsibility is yours.

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