How Low the Bar?

Nobody asked but …

I’m hosting a Zoom meeting this morning as I write.  Let’s see if I can multitask — I insist among my household that I cannot.

Do no harm.  Multitasking is fragmented tasking, imho. 

Now to the topic at hand. 

Our fight is not with a pandemic shutdown.  The fight is with statism.  When we speak of Independence, as individuals, our political misleaders mean independence of one collective from another.

We start with the “independence” of the colonies from the British Empire.  We have a politically induced split personality.  We, as individuals, sublimate about our complete servitude to 18th and 19th century imperialist notions while believing that we are yearning for self ownership.

In 250 years, we have moved only from being the chattel of Mad King George to being the chattel of mad POTUS.

— Kilgore Forelle

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